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In the late 1930s, Gene turned down an offer of $3,000 to endorse a brand of cigarette.


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A Gathering of Guns: A Half Century History of TV Westerns (1949 – 2001)

Boyd Magers
Released June 2017
Western Clippings
461 Pages
B&W Photos

Purchase the book by September 28th to have your copy autographed and personalized by author Boyd Magers!

In over 450 pages, Western historian Boyd Magers covers the 50 year evolution of the Western on TV from 1949 to 2001. One hundred and ninety-six television Western series are presented chronologically and researched thoroughly including details on:

Nearly every series also includes quotes and anecdotes from the stars and guest stars. Plus:

Like Boyds’ previous Western books Westerns Women, Best of the Bad Men and Gene Autry Westerns, this new release is a must own for Western Film and Television enthusiasts. A Gathering of Guns is like no other book on TV Westerns!

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