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Fun Autry Fact:

In 1940, and probably for several years before and after, the Gene Autry cap pistol was the main industry in Kenton, Ohio, a town of then 7,000.

Film Info

Carolina Moon

Republic Pictures
Production #: 908
65 minutes

Pals Gene Autry and Frog Millhouse enter the local rodeo to win enough money to buy a ranch. Miss Caroline Stanhope and her father, Colonel Stanhope, have also come to town to enter her thoroughbred horse, Betsy, in the rodeo. The Colonel, swindled by a couple of city slickers, loses over a thousand dollars and begs to turn over Betsy in lieu of cash. The conmen refuse, and Gene steps in, offering to pay Colonel Stanhope his entire rodeo winnings for the horse so that the Colonel may settle his debt. The Colonel agrees, and promptly drowns his sorrows. Caroline, finding her father in a drunken condition, packs him into the car, shoves Betsy into the trailer and heads back for Carolina. She thinks that Gene is in league with the city slickers and she is determined to thwart the scheme to cheat her father out of his horse. Gene, on the other hand, is equally determined to thwart the Stanhope's scheme to cheat him out of his thousand dollars, and he and Frog go to Carolina to recover either their money or the horse. They discover that the Stanhopes are honest folk, who, with their neighbors, are hard-pressed by poverty and the threatened foreclosure of their lands. Henry Wheeler, the only solvent plantation owner in Fairfield County, is campaigning to take the planters' lands, where once worthless timber is now valuable. Gene uncovers the plot and urges the planters to hold their land and sell the timber themselves. When Wheeler attempts to block this plan by holding up lumberjacks, preventing them from fulfilling the terms of their contracts, Gene sends out an SOS for cowboys to work as lumberjacks. They cut down the Fairfield County timber, so that the plantation owners, including the Stanhopes, are able to clear their mortgages and still retain their land.


Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
Frog Millhouse Smiley Burnette
Caroline Stanhope June Storey
Patsy Stanhope Mary Lee
Colonel Stanhope Eddy Waller
Henry Wheeler Hardie Albright
Colonel Jefferson Frank Dae
Evangeline Terry Nibert
Barrett Robert Fiske
Mammy Etta McDaniel
Billy Paul White
Thompson Fred Ritter
Foreman Ralph Sanford
Musical Group Jimmie Lewis and His Texas Cowboys
Champion Champion


CAROLINA MOON Studio Singers
AT THE RODEO Gene Autry, Jimmie Lewis and His Texas Cowboys
ME AND MY ECHO Mary Lee, Smiley Burnette
CAROLINA MOON Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Mary Lee, Extras
SAY SI SI Gene Autry, June Storey, Mary Lee


Director Frank McDonald
Associate Producer William Berke
Screenplay Winston Miller
Original Story Connie Lee
Production Manager Al Wilson
Photography William Nobles
Film Editor Tony Martinelli
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar

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