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Fun Autry Fact:

President Richard Nixon was an Angels fan and Gene's guest at many of the California Angels baseball games.

Film Info

Hills of Utah

Columbia Pictures
Production #: 8032
70 minutes

Gene Autry returns as a "doctor on horseback" to the frontier town where his father was murdered and finds a feud raging between mine owner Jayda McQueen and cattleman Bowie French. Gene's only friend in town is "Dusty" Cosgrove. Gene answers a summons by Karen McQueen to treat her younger brother, but the boy unexpectedly dies and McQueen comes gunning for Gene, who is saved by French's timely intervention. When a miner shoots one of French's gunmen, the ranch hands attack the mine. Gene aids McQueen's forces. French's death in the battle brings the feud to an end. Nola, French's widow, reveals that it was the dead cattleman who killed Gene's father.


Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
"Dusty" Cosgrove Pat Buttram
Karen McQueen Elaine Riley
Nola French Donna Martell
Jayda McQueen Onslow Stevens
Bowie French Denver Pyle
Washoe William Fawcett
Evan Fox Harry Lauter
Ingo Hubbard Kenne Duncan
Champion Champion, World's Wonder Horse


UTAH Gene Autry


A Gene Autry Production
Director John English
Producer Armand Schaefer
Screenplay Gerald Geraghty
Original Story Les Savage, Jr.
Director of Photography William Bradford
Art Director Charles Clague
Film Editor James Sweeney, A.C.E.
Set Decorator David Montrose
Musical Supervisor Paul Mertz
Musical Director Mischa Bakaleinikoff

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