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Fun Autry Fact:

The California State Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles honored Gene during the summer of 1980 with a thirteen-week exhibit and film retrospective.

Film Info

Rhythm of the Saddle

Republic Pictures
Production #: 706
58 minutes

As foreman of the Silver Saddle Ranch, Gene Autry must stage a rodeo in Overland, Nevada, for his employer, ranch owner Maureen McClune. At stake is the contract for next year's rodeo, to be awarded by rodeo chairman Clyde Chase. Gene meets competition from Pomeroy, unscrupulous ranch owner and nightclub operator, who bribes Chase for the new contract. When Gene discovers that Pomeroy has a big bet on the Pony Express race, he fools Chase into thinking his deal with Pomeroy is exposed. When Chase runs to Pomeroy, looking to call off their deal, Gene arrives and orders Chase to call the sheriff. Pomeroy's henchmen overcome Gene, while Pomeroy forces Chase into phoning the sheriff, shooting him with Gene's gun. Gene escapes and is charged for Chase's murder. Champion brings Maureen and Frog Millhouse to Gene's hiding place in Blue Grass Canyon where Gene reveals his plan that will allow him to ride in the Pony Express race and force Pomeroy's hand. During the thrilling race, Frog hides near the box occupied by Pomeroy and his henchman. Using a transcription machine, he records a conversation which will incriminate the whole gang. As Gene drives his coach first across the finish line, Frog plays the recording over the loudspeaker system. Pomeroy attempts to flee the Silver Saddle deputies, but is killed by his own racing entry as he runs across the rodeo grounds.


Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
Frog Millhouse Smiley Burnette
Aunt Hattie Pert Kelton
Maureen McClune Peggy Moran
Pomeroy Le Roy Mason
Clyde Chase Arthur Loft
Tex Robinson Ethan Laidlaw
Leach Walter De Palma
Rusty Archie Hall
Alec Eddie Hart
Dixie Erwin Eddie Acuff
Champion Champion


OH, LADIES Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette
OLD TRAIL Gene Autry, Extras
LET ME CALL YOU SWEETHEART Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette


Director George Sherman
Associate Producer Harry Grey
Original Screenplay Paul Franklin
Production Manager Al Wilson
Photography Jack Marta
Film Editor Lester Orlebeck
Musical Director Raoul Kraushaar

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