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Gene's television production schedule called for him to shoot two episodes of his half-hour television series at the same time.


Melody Ranch Theater

Gene Autry and Pat Buttram, 1987.
Gene Autry and Pat Buttram returned to television in 1987 with The Nashville Network's series, Melody Ranch Theater. It featured Gene Autry's classic Western movies, cut down for television, with original opening and closing segments of America's first singing cowboy and his comedic sidekick reminiscing about the making of the movies and events in the industry at the time. Guests also visited with Gene and Pat, including Pee Wee King, George Sherman, Ann Rutherford, and Roy Rogers. A total of 91 episodes were made and The Nashville Network received some of its highest ratings with Melody Ranch Theater. In 2001, after a yearlong search, these conversations, known as wraparounds, were found and restored by Gene Autry Entertainment and can be found on the DVDs of Gene's movies.

Press Release:

On the set of Melody Ranch Theater, (from left):
Dale Evans, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Pat Buttram, 1987.

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