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Book Information

Westerns Women


Hardcover 1999;
Softcover 2004

Boyd Magers and Michael G. Fitzgerald
McFarland & Company, Inc.
288 pages
154 photographs

Authors Boyd Magers and Michael G. Fitzgerald have compiled a diverse collection of interviews from leading ladies of Westerns, along with several actresses who may not be quite as well known. Some toiled in B Westerns, others worked exclusively at the A level, and a few were relegated to television. Forewords by Anne Gwynne, Lois Hall, Gale Store and Virginia Vale.

The fifty actresses interviewed are:

  • Jane Adams
  • Julie Adams
  • Merry Anders
  • Vivian Austin
  • Joan Barclay
  • Patricia Blair
  • Pamela Blake
  • Adrian Booth
  • Genee Boutell
  • Lois Collier
  • Mara Corday
  • Gail Davis
  • Myrna Dell
  • Faith Domergue
  • Ann Doran
  • Dale Evans
  • Beatrice Gray
  • Coleen Gray
  • Anne Gwynne
  • Lois Hall
  • Kay Hughes
  • Marsha Hunt
  • Eilene Janssen
  • Anna Lee
  • Joan Leslie
  • Nan Leslie
  • Kay Linaker
  • Teala Loring
  • Lucille Lund
  • Beth Marion
  • Donna Martell
  • Kristine Miller
  • Peggy Moran
  • Maureen O'Hara
  • Debra Paget
  • Jean Porter
  • Paula Raymond
  • Jan Shepard
  • Marion Shilling
  • Roberta Shore
  • Eleanor Stewart
  • Peggy Stewart
  • Linda Stirling
  • Gale Storm
  • Helen Talbot
  • Audrey Totter
  • Virginia Vale
  • Elena Verdugo
  • Jacqueline White
  • Gloria Winters

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