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Gene Autry Westerns
Posted October 2006

Here is the official press release for the book Gene Autry Westerns, from the book’s author Boyd Magers.

by Boyd Magers

Gene Autry Westerns by Boyd Magers will thoroughly detail the Singing Cowboy’s screen career from In Old Santa Fe right on through his small screen TV career as no book has ever done before. Every film will be covered with complete cast and production credits, all songs (who wrote and sang each), running time, filming dates, release date, cost, locations used and plot synopses. Intriguing explanatory sidebars, notes, comments and trivia will accompany every title. Whenever possible, interview comments from Gene’s co-stars and co-workers are included, as well as historical explanatory remarks from Gene himself.

Gene did not make all those westerns for Republic, Columbia and Flying A alone, so some 100 engaging bios of principal players and production people associated with Gene’s movies are also a huge part of Gene Autry Westerns.

Magers’ book details Gene’s battles with Republic President Herbert J. Yates, his hiatus from Republic during WWII, his return to Republic then exodus to establish his own production company at Columbia, and his decision, eventually, to move in the direction of television.

Fascinating charts will detail all of Gene’s on-screen jobs, the films where he sang while in jail, environmental issues, his charming “taming of the shrew” titles and much more. Other charts and sidebars will handily itemize all of Gene’s sidekicks, leading ladies, directors and producers. Gene’s “wonder horse” Champion will not be overlooked either.

Gene Autry Westerns will be published by Empire during the early part of Gene’s celebratory centennial year, 2007.

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