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Equestrian Legacy Radio Podcast
With Gary Holt and Bobbi Jean Bell

Posted December 13, 2016

Karla Buhlma and Gene Autry

Equestrian Legacy Radio ( is live talk radio for Equestrians and those that love the Western and Equestrian lifestyle. On December 8, 2016, "Campfire Café" show hosts Gary Holt and Bobbie Jean Bell had Karla Buhlman, President of Gene Autry Entertainment, as a guest on their show to chat about Gene Autry and the new CD release "Gene Autry – A Melody Ranch Christmas." Listen to the entire episode and enjoy tracks from the new album and comments from Karla on the creation of the album plus other information on America's Favorite Singing Cowboy, Gene Autry.

Conversation with Karla Buhlman, President of Gene Autry Entertainment 12/08/2016

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