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New YouTube Series from Gene Autry Entertainment "Presenting.....Gene Autry"
Posted December 14, 2018

Los Angeles, CA December 11, 2018 – Gene Autry Entertainment is pleased to announce a new series, "Presenting.....Gene Autry" on the Gene Autry Official YouTube Channel. Created from the conversations between Gene Autry and his sidekick pal Pat Buttram from the 1980s The Nashville Network television series "Melody Ranch Theater" each episode covers a specific topic of Gene Autry's life and career.

While fans may have watched the conversations when they originally aired on TNN or as bonus material on the DVD release of Gene's restored B Western films and television series, this is the first time the conversations have been collected to focus on a specific topic such as the creation of the Autry Museum, film making, songwriting, horses, baseball, rodeos and more. This treasure trove of firsthand, personal accounts is supplemented with rare photos and film clips for Gene Autry's personal archive and is sure to be informative to Gene's fans as well as historians and American pop culture enthusiast.

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"Presenting.....Gene Autry Episode 1:
Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum"
(13:33 mins)

"Presenting.....Gene Autry" episode 1 "Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum" focuses on building the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles, California and Gene and Pat discuss some of the artifacts that will be on display. Gene's wife, Jackie Autry, joins in with information and details on the museum including how it will be a serious, accredited museum designed by Walt Disney Imagineering. Watch the episode on the Gene Autry Official YouTube Channel here.

The episodes of "Presenting.....Gene Autry" will vary in length depending on the conversations and information shared by Gene, Pat, and their guests on a particular subject. Gene Autry Entertainment will post additional episodes in 2019. Episode titles and information will be announce on the Official Gene Autry website. Subscribing to the Gene Autry Official YouTube Channel will keep you up to date on the newest episode's availability.

Gene Autry is an American icon whose career influenced entertainment in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. He became a successful businessman in broadcasting and baseball later in life. In the late 1980s, Gene Autry and his sidekick pal Pat Buttram hosted The Nashville Network (TNN) television series "Melody Ranch Theater" where they introduced their movies and offered anecdotes about the Westerns and the people in them. Read more about "Melody Ranch Theater" on our website here.

"Presenting.....Gene Autry" is produced by Gene Autry Entertainment President Karla Buhlman and Gene Autry audio restoration engineer and archivist Bob Fisher who have worked together for the last 25 years preserving Gene’s radio and audio history archive and legacy. Their work includes restoring over 770 of the Gene Autry Melody Ranch and Sgt. Gene Autry radio programs and the Grammy® nominated box set Sing, Cowboy, Sing!: The Gene Autry Collection.

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